With a background in architecture, prefabrication, construction, real estate investment, computer programming, art and psychology, Roger East approaches problem solving with unique technical and aesthetic abilities.  Roger has 39 years of experience in residential, commercial and medical facility projects. Additionally, he has extensive experience as a builder/developer and 15 years experience as a producer of computer software for architecture and construction.  Roger is a skilled innovator who is credited with creating the first comprehensive interactive virtual tour of a home (1995) as well as the first to create interactive design kits to help home owners design and maintain their homes (1988). 

Roger's experience with prefabrication started with his thesis project in 1970.  His early design explorations encompassed multiple family and medical facility projects.  A central theme has been to design buildings that can easily grow and change over time, buildings that can adapt to changing needs.  By default, these projects address environmentally sustainable means of construction.  They re-examine the entire process of the building life cycle, from conception to assembly, to modification, to disassembly and repurposing. He is currently developing a family of prefabricated modules that address these criteria for residential and commercial markets.

Roger’s unique ability to understand user needs and his in-depth and innovative use of computer technology provides him with a broad set of skills to design the best solution for each client’s specific circumstances.  This expertise also provides him with the knowledge and ability to quickly determine the most appropriate construction practices and methodologies. Roger strives to customize his services to create a memorable experience through a clear understanding of the client, integrated with a personable service, which is aided by up to date technological skills.

In 1981, Roger was a co-founder of Holland, East and Duvivier, Inc., a full service architectural design firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Starting in 1985 he maintained his practice as Roger East Architects in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  His degree is in architecture from Arizona State University, 1971 and conducted summer studies at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Fontainebleau, France in 1970.

Roger’s work has received design awards from the American Institute of Architects, Solar Energy Association, Portland Cement Association, and the Invision Multimedia Awards Program.  His work has been published in The Digital Architect, the AIA Journal, Sunset Magazine, Sunset Books, House and Garden, House Beautiful, New Shelter Magazine, the World of Macintosh Multimedia, and Macromedia Director release 4.0.

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